Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Salon lib "cringes" at son's recital of Pledge

Nina Burleigh has a column at whereby she laments -- nay, she "cringes" -- as her "young son recited the Pledge of Allegiance. But who was I to question his innocent trust in a nation I long ago lost faith in?"

You're his mother, Nina. If this country sucks so badly, go ahead and tell him that. I'm sure he'd be happy to share this newly found insight with his classmates...who would likely subsequently kick his ass and steal his lunch money. Said assbeating would further reinforce his new views that Mums passed on to him: "America sucks, son, but it pays the bills. So it'll have to do!"

By the way, ol' Nina was once a White House correspondent with Time magazine and had boldly stated that she would "be happy to give him [oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal." She elaborated that while Der Schlickmeister played footsies with her on Air Force One, "If he had asked me to continue the game of Hearts back in his room at the Jasper Holiday Inn, I would have been happy to go there and see what happened."

Brent Bozell accurately observed the following: "In graphic terms Nina Burleigh has exposed the media's love affair with Clinton's liberal policies. This is why so much of the establishment press gives Bill Clinton such a pass on scandals that would have brought down any other president."

Aw, come on, Brent! Just because a Time reporter wants to polish Clinton's putter doesn't mean that this infatuation extended to the rest of the MSM! It's not like the MSM ignored Bubba turning down Osama on a silver platter, or the selling of nuclear technology to the ChiComs for campaign cash, or the shredding of Rose Law Firm billing records, or...oh, wait. They did ignore all that stuff, didn't they? I guess their mouths were full!