Tuesday, April 04, 2006

UCLA wins! No, wait...

As a Florida State Seminole, it sucks to see our hated rivals from Hogtown, the University of Florida Gators, win the NCAA basketball national championship. Well, thanks to the fine folks at Amazon.com, we can do like liberals do and live in a fantasy world! Details:
College basketball fans may have been surprised to turn on their computers this morning and find an e-mail from Amazon-dot-com proclaiming, "UCLA Wins."

The online retailer mistakenly sent the e-mail to customers ahead of tonight's NCAA championship game between the Florida Gators and the UCLA Bruins.

The e-mail went on to offer customers the chance to purchase an NCAA cap and other goods.

Amazon-dot-com spokeswoman Patty Smith speculated the mistake may have been made by some Bruins fans with a case of wishful thinking.
Florida defeated UCLA last night 73-57. Oh well, unlike with Detroit, at least we don't have to worry about Gainesville setting cow pastures on fire or anything like that!