Friday, April 14, 2006

Perhaps I'm a neo-libertarian?

From Wikipedia:
Neolibertarianism is a political philosophy combining elements of libertarian and conservative thought that embraces incrementalism and pragmatism domestically, and a generally interventionist foreign policy based on self-interest, national defense and the expansion of freedom.

Neolibertarianism holds that the best form of national government is one that promotes liberty (free markets and civil liberties) and strong national defense policies, including the use of pre-emptive military engagements only if it is a threat to freedoms and a danger to the nation. It also holds that the federal government should concern itself with these issues above all others, while leaving nearly every other issue to more local political entities: state/provincial and municipal governments, communities, and individuals.

Neolibertarians are sometimes described as "pro-capitalist conservatives" or "libertarians who support the War on Terror." Some libertarian celebrities that fit into this neolibertarian category include talk radio personality Larry Elder and comedian Dennis Miller.
You should read the whole page, since it's not very long. It is, however, highly descriptive.

I didn't really see anything there with which I disagreed. Perhaps now, those folks who think that I am not a "true" libertarian might see that they are possibly correct: I may just be a neo-libertarian.

Either way, liberalism still sucks harder than Barney Frank (or recent visitor Buster) on a Key West cruise line!