Monday, April 03, 2006

Those "poor" Katrina evacuees

Neal Boortz received an e-mail from a listener in Austin, TX:
Last weekend FEMA, the City of Austin, and the Texas Workforce Commission set up a job training/hiring, interview job fair for Katrina evacuees to be held at the ACC campus on Webberville Rd. in East Austin. Evacuees complained that they did not have transportation so the city of Austin and FEMA provided transportation.

Nine buses and vans ran from four locations in Round Rock and five locations in Austin. The vehicles were brought to their residents. Drivers knocked on their doors and did everything possible to reach potential job seekers.

At the end of the day, the nine vans and buses transported a total of one person. Not one person per bus --- one person. The cost to FEMA was $7800.00.
Boortz was informed that the listener was incorrect: the number of buses used was 12, not 9! The number of riders was the same, though: one.

More people are beginning to see that the Katrina evacuees with some semblance of work ethic have already moved on with their new lives. The rest of the evacuees have exported their dependence culture to other cities, which in this case would be Austin. The have chosen a lifestyle of mooching off the fruits of others' labors, be it through milking or defrauding charity or by employing government's kleptocracy. New Orleans may benefit, but cities like Austin will suffer.