Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why are Democrats in favor of granting amnesty to illegal aliens?

Look at this picture (taken at the Dallas illegal immigrant rally) and you tell me:

Texas and Mexico together? Nice. A little racial collectivism by the race-hustling socialist pimps of the left!

It's quite simple, really. See, the electorate has been rejecting the Dems' message since 1994. Fewer people identify with Democrats than ever before, since the party has been hijacked by its kook base (the MoveOn, Media Matters, Code Pinko types). That's why you routinely see the Dems mining for repeat voters, dead voters, felon voters, and illegal alien voters. That's their type of affirmative action of votes, to offset normal America's votes.

If all 12+ million illegal aliens were granted amnesty (i.e. citizenship), that's a pool of 12+ million extra votes. As the flyer above illustrates, Dems are already taking the initiative to get these people to vote the "proper" way...a little pre-emptive strike, if you will.

These kinds of efforts are no surprise, really. The Democrats been trying to allow illegal aliens to vote for quite some time. They're going to work harder than Michael Moore on a treadmill to mine these votes, early and often.