Sunday, April 09, 2006

The party that likes its losers...the GOP?

Leave it to the leftist fishwrap known as the LA Slimes to completely get it wrong. Their column (or is it an article for them...who the hell can tell the difference anymore?) is entitled "A party that likes its losers".

The short reply is: "Who likes its losers?"

The Dems revere Carter as "one of the best former presidents in history." Considering that the man never met a dictator he didn't like, and that he lost 44 of 50 states to Reagan in 1980, and that he was laughed out of office, and that he can't travel to a tinpot dictatorship in the world without dropping anti-American bile, one has to wonder what the left has been smoking if they look up to that joke.

The Dems also pay homage to Tom Daschle, who is rumored to be mulling a 2008 presidential run. He can't win his home state of South Dakota, despite bringing home all kinds of pork and being the top Dem in the Senate...but he still gets major loving from the national party faithful.

Al Gore is still deemed to be the victim of theft by the Dem faithful, and they keep waiting for the day that he steps into the Oval Office to assume his "rightful place" eight years later. Hell, I couldn't find a lib, Dem, or media source (forgive the redundancies) that didn't follow him around like a sick dog in heat throughout 2001. All this adulation for a man who fought like hell to keep military votes in Florida from being counted, all while piously imploring to "count every vote" on his way to losing to a man that the left still insists is an idiot (which means that said "idiot" was too dumb to lose in 2000 and 2004). All this fawning over a guy who has showed himself to be an unhinged anti-American moonbat, especially on foreign soil. Now, he is entertaining running in 2008.

I even saw the uni-brow himself, Michael "Tank" Dukakis, making the rounds on the TV, circuits...during the election of 2004. Sure, it would have been one thing if he was being used to advise John Kerry (his former lt. guv in the People's Republic of Taxachussets) on what NOT to do. However, Chris Matthews damned near had a Goregasm in the presence of a man who lost 40 states.

Walter "One State" Mondale was trotted out after the Wellstone tragedy in 2002 to run for the MN Senate seat. The Dems gushed with fanfare over the elder statesman, and couldn't get enough of the man who not only promised to raise our taxes in 1984, but a man who won one measley state in 1984: his own (and by about 4400 votes). Oh, well, that he won his own state is more than Gore can claim!

Bob impressive 0-for-8 in presidential elections as a consultant/advisor. You'd think after the first, second, or even third loss, ol' Bob's advice would be as welcome as Ted Kennedy at a Kopechne family reunion. But not the Democrats! They continued tapping this guy to manage their elections.

So tell me again...just which party is the one that likes its losers?