Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another "ungrateful Katrina 'victim'" story

From Maine:
A Maine family is in shock after the Bowdoinham house they donated to a family who lost everything to Hurricane Katrina was trashed and abandoned, reported WMTW-TV in Portland.

Albert and Nancy Poisson of Dresden decided to let William and Frances Gardner and their two daughters live in the house for a year, free of charge.

But last week, the Poissons found some of their appliances gone, their hardwood floor marked up and trash strewn throughout the house.

The Poissons found the Gardners through Catholic Charities of Maine, who said they have been unable to track the family down since they vanished last week.

The Poissons said they can only assume the Gardners were responsible for the mess.

"I'd really like to know why. We would have let them go. There was no money involved," said Albert Poisson.
Stories like this are not unique. I've read plenty of stories virtually identical to this one, in other parts of the country. No good deed goes unpunished, huh?

At least when the vermin were in New Orleans, they were contained to that city. But ever since Katrina flooded the fishbowl beneath sea level, the poverty-and-crime element was exported to the rest of the country.