Friday, May 19, 2006

Democrat culture of corruption in Atlanta

The predominantly (nearly exclusively) Democratic Atlanta City Council engages in a little power-drunk display of arrogance and sense of entitlement...not that this is behavior atypical of liberals. From FNC:
A series of scandals on Capitol Hill have national lawmakers pushing for stricter ethics rules, but not the Atlanta City Council. Council members voted 11-2 to relax ethics standards, allowing any city employee to accept unlimited meals and tickets to local events from lobbyists.

What's more, Atlanta's ethics officer points out that measure doesn't require the person buying the meals to be present at the time and notes that staffers are not required to disclose the gifts.

One council member tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the measure simply "made sense," adding that meals and tickets wouldn't influence his decisions.
Simply "made sense"? Of course it did...who wouldn't want free food and tickets?

Does anyone wonder how the left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy) would react if Republicans pulled this same stunt? Me neither...I already know how they'd react. They'd be all over the GOP like Fat Bastard on Mini-Me (Austin Powers reference, for those who didn't get the analogy).

"Don't question our votes, or we'll accuse you of racism!"