Thursday, May 18, 2006

Murtha hangs Marines

Why even bother having an investigation or a trial? The left's "we love the troops" jock-sniffers' favorite son, Jack-off Murtha (D-PA), has already tried and convicted the Marines in question. From Expose the Left:
CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Let me ask you Mr. Murtha to give us some details about that. Draw us a picture of what happened at Haditha.

REP. JOHN “JACK” MURTHA: Well, I’ll tell you exactly what happened. One Marine was killed and the Marines just said we’re going to take care – we don’t know who the enemy is, the pressure was too much on them, so they went into houses and they actually killed civilians. And, and –

MATTHEWS:—was this My Lai? Was this a case of – when you say cold blood Congressman, a lot of people think you’re basically saying you got some civilians sitting in a room around a field and they’re executed.

MURTA: That’s exactly it.
I guess when we're not busy terrorizing Iraqi children, we're killing innocent Iraqi grown-ups, too. I guess it never crossed the mind of Murtha that the investigation into the incident is still ongoing...nor did it cross his mind to read the damned report in the first place! Nice job, Jack-off: be judge, jury, and executioner of your "fellow" Marines without even reading the details!

Maybe there are some exceptions to the rule that "Once a Marine, always a Marine!" Neal Boortz is right: "I can tell you that no Marine worth his salt is ever going to accuse another Marine of murdering someone in cold blood unless he has the incontrovertible evidence to prove the charge.."

For even more of Moonbat Murtha's musings, how about this doozy?
Murtha held the news conference to mark six months since his initial call for "redeployment" of U.S. forces from Iraq.

He said U.S. forces were under undue pressure in Iraq because of poor planning and allocation of resources by the Bush administration.
Sure, the troops are war criminals, but it's George Bush's fault!

The Confederate Yankee sums it up best: "Someone who truly supports the troops, even if they do not support the war, would want this incident fully investigated to uncover the truth. They would want to know the facts." Correct, sir...if someone truly supported the troops.

Can I go ahead and question their patriotism now?