Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pelosi: Al Qaeda deserves access to courts, just like Americans!

From Nimrod Pe-loser (Moonbat-CA):
Today the Supreme Court decision reaffirms the American ideal that all are entitled to the basic guarantees of our justice system. This is a triumph of the rule of law. The rights of due process are among our most cherished liberties and today's decision is a rebuke of the Bush administration's detainee policies and a reminder of our responsibility to protect both the American people and our constitutional rights. We cannot allow the values on which our country was the founded to become a casualty in the war on terrorism.

This lunatic thinks that you, my dear readers, are equals with Al Qaeda! She and her idiotic ilk think that terrorists are to be given protection via the Constitution. She celebrates the court's ruling today as some sort of treaty between the United States and Al Qaeda!

But look at Pelosi's words again: "'s decision is a rebuke of the Bush administration's detainee policies..." My friends, this is exactly why the left is seen as perverted on the issue of national security. They are more concerned with making Bush look bad than with what is in America's best (and secure) interest. Pelosi's own words confirm this.

You fine people know how I've been immensely critical of the GOP and have even advocated not voting for them because of their egregious spending, ineptitude on immigration, etc. However, Pe-loser's words have shaken me to the core. Just knowing that this wacky wench could actually become Speaker of the House is horrifying.

I'm pulling a John Kerry right now. No, I'm not going to make up lies about our soldiers. I'm talking about doing an about-face on the election. I was against the GOP in November, before I was for them! I'll admit it, mea culpa...but we can abso-freakin'-lutely NOT afford for this dingbat to get the Speaker position and be two heartbeats away (or, in Cheney's case, a heartbeat-and-a-half) from the presidency!

These vermin were conferred Geneva rights though they're not a party to Geneva!