Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ward Churchill fired?

Karma has bitten Ward in his pseudo-Indian posterior, has it not? From the LA Times (part of the anti-security BDS MSM contingency):
The University of Colorado on Monday moved to fire a professor whose essay likening some victims of the Sept. 11 attacks to a Nazi caused a national outcry.

Phil DiStefano, interim chancellor of the Boulder campus, delivered a notice of recommended termination to ethnic studies professor Ward L. Churchill on Monday morning. DiStefano said the professor was being fired for shoddy research and for plagiarism, and the university said it considered Churchill's reference to World Trade Center workers as "little Eichmanns" to be free speech.

"We want to protect academic freedom and freedom of expression," DiStefano said at a news conference in Boulder. "However … we take research misconduct very seriously."

Churchill's attorney, David Lane, said the move was no surprise and vowed to fight the termination in a federal lawsuit.

"For a year and a half, they've been looking for good excuses to fire Ward Churchill for his free speech," Lane said.
You're not being fired for your outrageous "Little Eichmanns" speech, Dr. Dumbass. You're being fired for research misconduct and for plagiarism. Colleges and universities are kind of funny about having tenured professors (who are supposed to reflect academic brilliance) being no more diligent than Joe Freshman when it comes to fact checking and original work. Hell, your stupid and inflammatory speech has made you a cult favorite among the pervasive moonbat population of our country's postsecondary institutions.

So trust me, Sitting Bullsh#t...you're not being fired for outrageous words. You're being fired because you're an academic fraud! However, take heart: you are now qualified to be a Democratic Senator from Delaware!