Thursday, June 01, 2006

Taking out the trash, aka Moonbat Pete

I normally try not to make it a point to dedicate a post to a moonbat, as it usually encourages more of them to spew their lunacy. However, I owe my readers an explanation here. Hat tip to my bud Chrome Dome for alerting me to this.

Over at Jenn of the Jungle's blog, Pete has been running around with his tinfoil hat on for quite some time. Jenn indulges him by letting him post his stupid ass comments. I'm not criticizing Jenn at all, since (a) it's her blog and I won't tell her how to run it, and (b) there's just something brilliant about allowing liberals themselves to point out how stupid they are by letting them speak for themselves.

However, I noticed that Jenn also has a post on Mikie Moore getting sued for denigrating a Marine amputee who served in Iraq. Petie had this to say about the Marine:
I think this redneck got back from Iraq without some limbs and realized he had a chance to capitalize (two years later, mind you) and is giving it a whirl while rallying the troops for the conservative agenda against liberals.
I feel no desire nor inclination to try reasoning with such shock trolls. I can ignore his post on loving livestock or whatever, but as of now, I'm not putting up with his sh#t anymore. Messing with a mental midget like Petie who lacks intellectual firepower is like masturbating with a cheese grater: amusing at first, but ultimately just painful and annoying.

My blog, my rules. Deal with it.