Monday, June 26, 2006

Islamofascists decapitate innocent Russians

The left has been fond of telling us that the reason for terrorists decapitating innocent civilians is because America invaded Iraq. Nick Berg and others were beheaded by the recently toes-up al-Zar-qaward because they had the "misfortune" of being Americans. That poor South Korean, Kim Sun-il, was decapitated because South Korea had some troops there, of which Kim was not a member. If we "occupiers" would just leave Iraq, the beheadings would stop, right? Russia, who has been steadfastly against the war because of their financial ties to Saddam, has now seen four of its countrymen (embassy workers) butchered by al Qaeda. From the Beeb:
Insurgents in Iraq say they have killed four Russian embassy workers kidnapped at the start of June.

The Mujahideen Shura Council, an umbrella group incorporating al-Qaeda in Iraq, released an internet video and a statement announcing their deaths.

The video showed one man being beheaded and another shot dead, as well as the body of a third, but there was no sign of the fourth hostage.

The Kremlin said it could not immediately confirm their deaths.

"At this moment our sources in Iraq have not confirmed the report of the killing of the Russian hostages," a government spokesman Moscow radio.

"The Foreign Ministry is doing all it can and using all channels to check the validity of this information."

The men were seized in Baghdad on 3 June, and kidnappers said the executions were in revenge for "torture, killing and displacement by the infidel Russian government" in Chechnya.
Chechnya? That's not Iraq, and it probably isn't even George Bush's fault! I know, I know, the prior sentence is just crazy talk, isn't it? After all, it's ALL Bush's fault!

What sayeth thou now, oh leftist terrorism apologists? Just a case of Muslims being Muslims, perhaps we need to learn "cultural acceptance"...maybe that's "just the way they do things" over there?

What sayeth you now, Russkies? You want to finally help us out in this terrorism thingee, now that it's hit a little closer to home for you guys?