Thursday, July 13, 2006

Senate bill would guarantee illegal aliens "guest workers" get more than minimum wage

The Senate just doesn't freakin' get it, do they? From the Washington Times:
The Senate immigration bill would require that foreign construction laborers here under the guest-worker program be paid well above the minimum wage, even as American workers at the same work site could earn less.

The bill "would guarantee wages to some foreign workers that could be higher than those paid to American workers at the same work site," says a policy paper released this week by the Senate's Republican Policy Committee. "This is unfair to U.S. workers, inappropriate, and unnecessary."

The 11-page, harshly critical analysis of the Senate immigration bill on this one point reveals how torn Senate Republicans are over the larger issue of immigration.

Though the bill was supported by Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee and Majority Whip Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, it was opposed by the rest of the Senate Republican leadership and a majority of Republicans in the chamber. And despite the support of Mr. Frist and Mr. McConnell, this week's policy paper critical of the wage guarantees for foreign workers marks the official stance of the Republican Policy Committee, which formulates and implements the policies of the caucus.
This underscores the stupidity of the GOP "leadership" (and I use that word loosely): paying illegal aliens "guest workers" more than Americans to do these jobs! I mean, if Americans truly "won't do these jobs", as the president and his sycophants shamelessly and falsely claim, then one way to get them to do the job is to pay them more. You know, that whole "supply and demand" and "marketplace" thingee on which Republicans fancy themselves as being experts? If you're going to force employers to pay more money for the work, then the Americans you assume wouldn't want the jobs will then be more likely to want them, thus alleviating the need for the "guest workers", right?

I don't know that it would make a BIG difference in construction work, since that kind of work tends to pay well beyond minimum wage anyway. So why don't we just be honest about the motivation behind idiotic legislation like this? It's "Hispandering", pure and simple. And it's damned shameful! Fortunately, if the Senate GOP has a relapse in poor judgment, the House will undoubtedly smack them harder than Barney Frank on a cabana boy's backside.