Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Castro Dies" rumor, plus possible headlines

Thanks to Kira for passing this on to me. Periodically, a rumor floats around that Castro has taken his dirt nap. There's one right now. From the blogosphere's pre-eminent anti-Castro site, Babalublog:
What will the different headlines be from different MSM sources upon the death of the bearded bastard?

AP: "Fidel Castro, dead at 79: billions mourn socialist humanitarian"

Reuters: "Fidel Castro, dead: no connection to Abu Graib found so far"

CBS Evening News: "Memo indicates Bush was AWOL while Castro rose to power"

NYT: "Fidel Castro, dies in Havana: women, minorities hardest hit"

LA Times: "Castro death another failure of the Bush Doctrine"

WaPo: "Rove implicated in Castro's death"

Feel free to amend or add your own.

Granma: "Imperialist St. Peter Overthrown, fidel triumphant at the Pearly Gates!"
I have my own:

Al Jazeera: "Castro dies...because of the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!"