Sunday, August 13, 2006

Can it be...the Brits are beginning to get it?

This editorial from the London Times offers a glimmer of hope that some in Londonistan may heed the warning that absurd politically correct accommodation of Islamofascists is suicidal. Excerpts from the Times editorial:
It is now self-evident that there is an enemy within Britain who wants to destroy our way of life. Most of this relatively small group of fanatics are British-born Muslims who have been educated here and brought up within our tolerant democracy. Those looking for the outward signs that identify them as full of hatred would be hard-pressed to find them. Many seem all too ordinary, perhaps enthusiastic about football and cricket and living “normal” westernised existences in neat terraced houses. They work, study or run small businesses. Most show little indication that they have signed up to the distorted ideology of radical Islam, with its millennial ideology of bringing destruction to the corrupt West. As “sleepers”, they are perfect.

Why is Britain such a breeding ground for these young men, for that is what most of them are? Much can be ascribed to timidity on behalf of the authorities, wedded as they are to a multiculturalism that isolates many young men in ghettos and a reluctance to espouse British values through our schools and institutions. That appeasement was epitomised by the sanctuary offered to extremist Islamic groups in Britain — “Londonistan” — in the pathetic hope that it might offer some form of immunity from violence....
Isn't this like giving the school bully your milk money in the hopes that he will not bother you anymore? Instead, the reverse happens: he smells your fear, appeasement, and vulnerability, and bullies you relentlessly henceforth...until he finally gets his ass kicked. Anywho, continuing:
The United States, with its intolerant attitude to those preaching hate, has been far more successful in integrating its Muslim citizens, offering them the ideals of patriotism and progress. Even France, which has a bigger Muslim population than Britain and has had its share of troubles with disaffected youth, has not seen the scale of Islamist treachery that we are experiencing here. MI5 believes up to 400,000 people in Britain are sympathetic to violent “jihad” around the world and that as many as 1,200 are involved in terrorist networks.
That's what is known as a "backhanded compliment", akin to "Hey, you aren't as fat in person as you look on TV!" The Brits find us "intolerant", but concede that this perceived "intolerance" has been more successful than their efforts when it comes to integrating Muslims into the fabric of society. It's as if the UK is beginning to think "You know, maybe we shouldn't put up with Muslims in our country inciting other Muslims to wage jihad against our country!" What a novel concept.

...Although Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are struggling to do as well as some other second or third-generation immigrant groups, many of the recruits are from relatively privileged backgrounds.
So much for that leftist "it's because they languish in poverty and despair" lie. Continuing:
It is more a matter of a battle for minds rather than pockets. Add to this the internet, the finishing school of global terror, and a legal system that appears to be inflexible about deporting foreign jihadists, and you have the ingredients for an explosive clash of cultures.
Even the Brits are beginning to understand that this is a "clash of civilizations" that a recent moonbat commenter here described as "stuff for the rubes." No doubt those British "rubes" got my talking points, huh? Anyway, back to the grown-ups:
The great challenge for Britain (and us and other non-dhimmi countries - Ed.) is how to stop this and minimise the future risks. Nobody should underestimate the scale of the problem or the time needed. We already have a generation of disaffected Muslims who see any excuse, whether it is war in Iraq, Afghanistan or Lebanon, as a reason for killing their fellow citizens. The government has commissioned studies on combatting the problem, so far with little tangible impact. Tony Blair has been wooing Muslim leaders, too often the radicals rather than the moderates, although this policy seems to lie in shreds as they moan about wars in the Middle East inflaming Islamic youth. They are perfectly entitled to be angry about these conflicts, but that anger should be expressed through the democratic processes of demonstrations and elections.
You know, elections instead of C4 belts and decapitating innocent civilians? The following excerpt was the most noteworthy, and I nearly spewed my Diet Pepsi when I saw what a Euro-rag was advocating:
This means Muslims being alert to extremists in their ranks and being prepared to identify them to the police. It means Muslims becoming intolerant of radical mullahs and hounding them out of their mosques. Equally the authorities have a responsibility to crack down on extremists in universities and in prisons, to close internet sites and bookshops that spread hatred and violence, and to take all reasonable measures to protect their citizens.

At times this may seem unjust. Muslims who visit Pakistan will have to be more closely scrutinised and it may seem that they are being systematically targeted. But Muslims will have to understand that it is their co-religionists who are bent on bombing trains and planes and that requires extraordinary measures. A mature Muslim response will be to co-operate and help to eradicate extremists in their midst. It requires the vast majority of Muslims to believe that their future is tied to Britain, a country in which their religion can be respected and freely practised. If the radicals succeed, it will foster only hatred and intolerance.

This low-level war is going to take a huge effort of will and courage. It is going to mean applying what may seem illiberal measures in order to save lives.
Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear that the Times was advocating the left's biggest boogeyman: profiling! That measure does indeed seem "illiberal"...which means it will damned sure work and save lives! In closing, the Times shows optimism that I honestly felt was missing on the European continent and am relieved to know that I was mistaken:
But the real key is for Muslims to realise that their future lies here and to embrace British values and reject violent Islamist theology. The country may indeed be in its greatest danger since the second world war, as John Reid, the home secretary, said last week. But as Britain prevailed then, so it will again.
If Britain's elected leaders show the kind of leadership and resolve that this Times editorial advocates, they will indeed prevail...and we will all be the better for it.