Friday, September 29, 2006

House Speaker wannabe Pelosi: The Golden Rule should apply to terrorists

Please forget that I ever openly advocated Republicans losing the elections this year. The more this moonbat speaks, the more clear it is that she and her crazy-ass leftist ilk must be stopped. How would Pe-loser handle terrorists? Listen to her own words and decide for yourself:
This is a time when the Golden Rule really should be in affect [sic]. Do not do unto others, what you would not have them do unto your troops, your CIA agents, your people in the field.
Nancy is saying that if we just install a few hot tubs at Gitmo, maybe have some personal masseuses stroke the jihadist detainees' crust-infested weirdbeards with some disinfectant-soaked combs, and give them a nice hummus face mask to go with their cucumber-mint body rub...the poor misunderstood heathens will implore with their terrorist brethren in Satan's Armpit (better known as the Middle East) to take it easy on us infidels. Sorry, Nancy, but they'd still want you in a burqa or your head to decorate their tents' mantles.

The President and Speaker Hastert, among others, yesterday accused Democrats of wanting to coddle terrorists. Way to show America just how correct they were, Nancy! Nothing says "We're tough on terrorists" quite like upgrading Gitmo to the "Cubano Cabana and Salon", oui?