Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pope pisses off Muslims

Surprise, surprise: Muslims are threatening (and commiting) acts of depravity and violence. Their excuse du jour this time? The pope pissed them off.

Firebombing churches in Gaza. Riddling an elderly Catholic nun with bullets. Threatening media members for printing cartoons. Apologies are never enough. Yessiree, the message is clear: "Quit portraying our religion's followers as a legion of barbaric and bloodlusting evil cretins...or else we'll commit acts of barbarism and evil!" Boy, was that Pope guy way off base or what?

Go ahead, lefties...bend over backwards telling us how yet scores of more examples of Islamofascists (apologies in advance for offending the hypersensitive Sen. Feingold) are in no way representative of a sizeable portion of Muslims worldwide. We're in the mood to hear more "yeah, but"'s and "Christianity is as bad" and other morally relative politically correct bovine feces. Yeah, no "clash of civilizations" here. Nothing to see, move on, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

A perfect representative of the religion of "peace"