Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Boehner nails the left on their perverse position

Quote House Republican Leader John Boehner (pronounced BAY-ner, looks like...well, you know what it looks like), referring to his collagues on the left:
Sometimes based on the votes that get cast, you wonder whether they're more interested in the rights of the terrorists than in protecting the American people.
It is entirely possible to want to protect the American people and disagree with the President, all without coddling terrorists. Unfortunately, that's not the case with the bulk of the Democratic Party.

Boehner's right: look at the votes, AND the rhetoric. Dems are the ones who try to shut down the surveillance program; who cheered and bragged when they thought they'd killed the Patriot Act; who wanted to bestow upon Al-Qaeda a constitutional Bill of Rights; who want to confront terrorism as a mere "law enforcement" "nuisance"; who want to cut-and-run (or "redeploy" 5000 miles away) from Iraq, knowing the power vacuum that would be filled by Al Qaeda; who get mad at Bush for mentioning 9/11 on...uh, 9/11; who hear the term "Islamofascist" and become deathly afraid that it might irk or offend...the Islamofascists!

Other than that, I can't see what Boehner is talking about.