Monday, September 11, 2006

So much for that American "torture" thingee

From the Washington Times:
The notorious Abu Ghraib prison is at the center of fresh abuse charges just a week after it was handed over to Iraqi authorities, with claims that inmates are being tortured by their new captors.

Staff at the jail say the Iraqi authorities have moved dozens of terrorism suspects into Abu Ghraib from an Interior Ministry detention center in Jadriyah, where U.S. troops last year discovered 169 prisoners who had been tortured and starved. (Only in leftist circles would panties on heads be equated with bamboo slivers under the nails. - Ed.)
Some of the small number of prisoners who remained in the jail after U.S. troops left said they had pleaded to go with their departing captors, rather than be left in the hands of Iraqi guards.

"The Americans were better than the Iraqis. They treated us better," said Khalid Alaani, who is being held on suspicion of involvement in Sunni terrorism.
"Someone was shouting 'Please help us, we want the human rights officers, we want the Americans to come back,'" he said.
Though abhorrent, abuse is still markedly different than torture. It sounds like the current residents of Abu Ghraib have been able to distinguish between the two. While I don't condone torture of the inmates, I think that their current treatment is (a) a cold uncaring reminder that karma can be a real premenstrual bitch sometimes; and (b) an invitation to gain a little perspective. While I understand that the left reflexively believes that we're the bad guys, the real bad guys (for those of you on the left, that refers to the prisoners in Abu Ghraib) don't quite see it your way.