Monday, October 09, 2006

News bites

  • Dems support the troops...just not the American ones! Caught red-handed, they try to Reuters (i.e. "photoshop") their picture from a Canadian soldier to an American one. They must have thought that the blogosphere wouldn't notice, since the MSM didn't. Hey, who can blame the left on this one? They wouldn't recognize a soldier unless he was throwing someone else's medals on the White House lawn.

  • Kimmie is testing nukes in North Korea. So while the left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy) is focusing on "All Foley, All the Time", ask yourself if you trust these guys to guard the country?

  • "Hu is mad at Bush." I dunno, CNN? David Gregory? Code Pink? No...Hu! I said I don't know!

  • In bad news for the Dems, the NYT laments that the religious conservatives of this country actually blame Foley instead of the GOP for the page scandal! Why, how crazy is that?