Tuesday, October 17, 2006

News bites

  • "6 Deaths Blamed on Freak Snow Storm". Damn that Bush and his evil Rovian Kyoto-killing global warming machine! It's not bad enough that he wants to drill in the Arctic and disrupt the mating patterns of the Alaskan snow possum! No, now the bloodthirsty imperialist wants to snuff out blue-staters for not voting for him in 2000 and 2004!

  • Wal-Mart is buying about 100 Chinese Supercenters. I wonder: if you fill up your buggy at a Chinese Wal-Mart, is it empty again in an hour? Hmmmm...

  • Staying on the al-Reuters angle, here's a heart-warming piece of news: "Lawyer gets 28 months jail for aiding terrorism." One jihadist-abetting lawyer is a great start, but there are plenty more. Anywho, leave it to al-Reuters to throw in some glowing descriptions of this poor persecuted attorney: "Stewart, long a defender of the poor and unpopular, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge John Koeltl in Manhattan federal court. Her supporters rallied outside the courthouse chanting and carrying banners." I wonder if they were the "Behead those who insult Islam" banners we saw in London and elsewhere?

  • The NorKoms are testing a second nuke. They're saying that UN sanctions against them are a declaration of war. Here's guessing that the UN (and, unfortunately, the US) will probably be as ferocious as a toothless Yorkie in dealing with Kimmie. Thanks again for giving him the nukes, Bubba!

  • The next time you hear a Democrat object to being painted as a socialist, simply remind him/her/it of the following two words: "common good"! That's what the Dems are going to run on this year, staying true to their socialist roots. Hey, Shrillary has used the term in various speeches over the years, and Ted Kennedrunk has openly declared war on individualism, so this is nothing new for those of us who have paid attention.

  • "Hillary, Not as in the Mount Everest Guy". She's finally recanting her claim (outlined in her hubby's authobiography, which is funny that he had an autobiography...considering that he told us for eight years that he couldn't remember a damned thing!) that she was named after Everest climber Sir Edmund Hilary. Edmund Hilary hadn't yet performed his historic climb (in 1953) and was thus unknown to the world when Hillary was born (in 1947)! Such a Gorelike "I created the internet" claim illustrates the compulsion to lie and deceive that we've come to expect from her and her hubby. (By the way, if you want to read the article but don't feel like registering for an account, go to BugMeNot.com and see what a valid name and password is for logging in. BugMeNot rules!)

    In related news, I am coming clean as well: I was not named after comedian Jonathan Winters! Wow...I feel better getting that off my chest!