Thursday, October 19, 2006

The NorKoms wanted nuke technology for energy, huh?

Here is a recent satellite photo of North Korea and South Korea at night:

Notice how South Korea is bright, rife with electricity and lights? Now, observe how North Korea is as dark as the Kos kooks' hearts?

But wait a second! I thought that Bubba's nuclear exchange program with the NorKoms was supposed to give them the technology to power themselves? Weren't we told, nay promised, that the NorKoms were going to use the technology NOT for building nuke weapons, but for energy production? Yet we see where the NorKoms are dark, yet their nuclear bombs burn bright.

Next time you get a Clinton/Carter/Albright apologist who insists that the 1994 agreement with North Korea was a smashing success, remember this picture before informing said apologist of his/her/its "bovine feces", m'kay?