Monday, October 02, 2006

A tale of two page abusers

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for this trip down memory lane:
In 1983, two lawmakers were censured by the House of Representatives for having sexual relationships with teenage pages. Rep. Dan Crane, R-Ill., admitted to sexual relations with a 17-year-old female page, while Rep. Gerry Studds, D-Mass., admitted to sexual relations with a 17-year-old male page.

The ways each lawmaker handled the scandal — and the consequences they faced afterward — were very different. Crane apologized for his actions, saying, "I'm human" and "I only hope my wife and children will forgive me." He was subsequently voted out of office in 1984.

Studds, who was openly gay, said the relationship was consensual and charged that the investigation by the House Ethics Committee raised fundamental questions of privacy. He won re-election the following year — in a more liberal district than Crane's — and served in Congress until his retirement in 1996.

The scandals had repercussions for congressional pages as well. The Congressional Page Program — which has been around for more than 150 years — was overhauled and a board was created to monitor it. A dormitory for pages was created near the Capitol.
The moral of the story is that if you boink a same-sex page, you get to keep your job. Oh, wait...Foley didn't boink one (that we know of, anyway), plus his page was the same sex!

OK, revised moral of the story: if you boink a same-sex page AND you're a Democrat, you get to keep your job. Just scream "Invasion of privacy!", watch the politically correct thought police back off, then get your morally bankrupt and depraved constituents to vote your child-diddling perverted #ss back into office.

I mean, hey, it's Massachusetts, right? If they're going to continuously re-elect a drunken murderer like Teddy Kennedrunk, then why be any different about a queer pedophile? I wonder if Studds (what a name, huh?) ran with the following campaign slogan: "Your kids may be sodomized by me, but at least it won't be by a Republican!"