Friday, September 29, 2006

Oscoda, MI, high school cancels remainder of football season

The Oscoda Area High School is, according to principal Rex Hart, the "home of the mighty Owls." How "mighty" are they? They're SO mighty that they...have forfeited the rest of their football season.

The Owls are 0-4, having been creamed AND shut out in all of their games. After the first four games the Oscoda School Board decided to cancel the remainder of the football season. They forced the players to stop. Naturally, the players and parents didn't like it. Tough toogies. The school board figured that they just weren't going to win any games, so they needed to quit. Their purported concern? "Safety", they said. The players might get if a team that was 4-0 would have been LESS likely to get hurt!

The message that the "educators" are sending to the kids is loud and clear: when life gets tough, just quit. Ignore what your parents may have taught you growing up about getting back up and dusting yourself before trying again. Your parents were morons. It is easier to just stay down and not continue and not fight. Hmmm...I wonder if this is how Democrats or Frenchmen are bred? But I digress.

Abe Lincoln was defeated about three or four times while seeking public office, before finally being elected president in 1860. Had he listened to people like the Oscoda School Board at any time along the way, God knows where our country would have been and would currently be.