Thursday, November 02, 2006

MSM runs interference for Kerry during press conference

The video is available here at Hot Air, but Tony Snow offers a suggestion to Kerry: "Just say 'I'm sorry'!"

This was, of course, before Kerry issued his Durbin-like "apology" (i.e. Not "I'm sorry for what I said", but "I'm sorry if you idiots misunderstood me!"). Yeah, Kerry was against the apology ("Let me be crystal clear...I apologize to no one"), before he was for it (uh, define "crystal clear"). Like political analyst and professor of public policy at Columbia University Steven Cohen says, "It wouldn't be like Kerry to criticize the troops."

Yeah, really! Aside from the Winter Soldier - Hanoi Jane crap, the comments that "our soldiers are terrorizing Iraqi women and children", his unapologetic comments in 1972 that the military is comprised of idiots, and his 20+ years of anti-military voting, I really don't know how anyone could think that Jean-François holds the troops in low esteem!

Note how the info-babe asks Tony Snow "Yeah, but what about Rush Limbaugh? He didn't apologize for his remarks!" Uh...what? Tony answers the question rather respectably, noting that Rush isn't a former prez candidate and that the question was a stupid diversionary tactic to help their boy Kerry out. But I'd have gone a step further.

Press Spokesman Jonathan's reply: "What in the hell does Rush Limbaugh's comments on Michael J. Fox have to do with Kerry's comments on the troops? Did Rush label the soldiers as idiots? No, I do believe that was Ketchup Boy that did that.

Seriously, Sweetcheeks, that's the best you could come up with to help your guy out? 'Yeah, well, Rush insulted Alex P. Keaton!'?? That's it? We're talking about a guy who wanted to be commander-in-chief of people that he considers to be beneath him on every level, and your idea of a relevant follow-up is 'What about Rush?'

Holy sh#t, Toots, I figured a journo degree from Columbia was worth a lot of money and cred, but if your question is any indication of the curriculum there, parents across this land would be well served to send their kids to a different educational establishment.

Now make yourself useful and go fetch me a coffee from the cream, two sugars, and pronto! I have a feeling that there's more 'brilliant' questions like yours after this one. I swear, it's gonna be a long #ss morning!"

Tony Snow does a great job, as I've remarked numerous times. But would anyone else like to see him incorporate one or more of my "prepared statements"? Unlike Kerry, I promise to stand behind by own words.