Monday, December 11, 2006

U.N. report: global "warming" caused more by cow farts than by man

While I happen to believe that the U.N. is as useless as tits on a boar, I do offer this story up for one reason: to help dispel this myth that there is "consensus" that man is the reason the planet will cook to death. From the Independent:
Meet the world's top destroyer of the environment. It is not the car, or the plane,or even George Bush: it is the cow. (What?? Not caused by George Bush?? Why, that's just crazy talk! The next thing you know, they'll be telling us there's no such thing as Santa, or (even crazier) that Bush was actually elected twice! - Ed.)

A United Nations report has identified the world's rapidly growing herds of cattle as the greatest threat to the climate, forests and wildlife. And they are blamed for a host of other environmental crimes, from acid rain to the introduction of alien species, from producing deserts to creating dead zones in the oceans, from poisoning rivers and drinking water to destroying coral reefs.

The 400-page report by the Food and Agricultural Organisation, entitled Livestock's Long Shadow, also surveys the damage done by sheep, chickens, pigs and goats. But in almost every case, the world's 1.5 billion cattle are most to blame. Livestock are responsible for 18 per cent of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together.
Therefore, vegans are destroying the planet by not eating more farting cows. Stop being selfish, you smelly sproutmunchers, and go grab a Big Mac!