Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Saudi Government-Appointed Executioner for Mecca, Abdallah Al-Bishi, Discusses His Calling and Demonstrates His Weapons and Methods"

From Memri TV (via commenter Night Rider). An excerpt:
First TV host: Like we said at the beginning of the show, the executioner Abdallah Al-Bishi will be joining us shortly. He is delayed because he is busy carrying out an execution. He is coming to the show straight from work, and will be joining us soon.
Just as calm as "he's caught in traffic" or "he needed to pick up a gallon of milk on the way here" is the sentiment "He's got a dome to lop off before coming to talk to us."
First TV host: Do you cut off hands, or do you just do beheadings?

Abdallah Al-Bishi: Yes, yes. I carry out the punishment of cutting off thieves' hands, as well as the cutting off of a hand and a leg on alternate sides, as is written in the Koran.
The translated video of the interview is here. You should see it to get a crystal clear idea of how "Middle Ages" the religion of pieces still is. There are "moderate" Muslims, and then there are Muslims.