Monday, January 29, 2007

Florida freezing, must be global "warming"

From News4Jax:
Temperatures dipped to near or just below freezing Monday morning around Jacksonville, with even colder temperatures predicted for Tuesday morning.

Monday night could be the coldest night of the year, with temperatures dropping rapidly after the sun goes down. A hard freeze -- temperatures expected to fall below 26 degrees for at least five hours -- is expected for all of northeast Florida.

"Tomorrow morning's temperatures will have a bite to them," Channel 4 meteorologist Richard Nunn said on the morning show, calling for a low of 25 for Jacksonville Tuesday morning -- and low 20s inland.

Nunn said temperatures are expected to remain below freezing from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. for everyone except residents along the coast and immediately along the river.

Freezing temperatures are expected to dip as far south as Broward County (that's Ft. Lauderdale, i.e. SOUTH FL - Ed.).

Forecasters encouraged residents to cover up exposed pipes, protect tender plants and bring in or provide for pets.

Although Monday's high temperature is forecast to reach 48, brisk winds will make it feel near freezing all day.

Meteorologists attributed the cold snap to a low-pressure system that moved across the Gulf on Saturday.
Oddly enough, meterologists blame this coldest night in four years not on global "warming" (or, as eco-nuts like to call it this time of year, "climate change"), but on...a naturally occurring weather pattern! Say it ain't so!

Right about now, I imagine that those citrus farmers in central FL would like a dose of that global "warming" to save their crops from the hard freeze.