Thursday, January 25, 2007

Babs Boxer's enviro-hypocrisy

For the benefit of my newer readers, please allow me to introduce you to an expression that's used frequently around here when describing liberal life: "Good enough for thee, but not for me!" Simply put, that's when liberals wish to condemn the rest of us to live by standards or rules that they have no desire to subject themselves to living.

Today's example of such hypocrisy is Sen. Babs Boxer (D-CA):
Sen. Barbara Boxer, the new chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, talks the talk when it comes to demanding higher gas mileage standards for vehicles in the U.S. – but does she walk the walk?

Back in 1990 when she was in the House, the California Democrat admitted during a House hearing that her husband was leasing a Porsche, an import whose city mileage ratings ranged from 13 to 18 miles per gallon.

Boxer told Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., that she did not know the Porsche’s mileage rating.

Said Dingell: "Why don’t you buy a Geo?”

But there was no Geo in sight when Boxer held a one-woman rally last year at an Exxon station on Capitol Hill and attacked the Bush administration’s relationship with big oil.

After the rally, the Washington Post reported, Boxer hopped into a gas-guzzling Chrysler LHS (18 mpg) "even though her Senate office was only a block away."
I don't think there's much more I could possibly add to this, is there?