Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kerry drops out

Jean-Francois Heinz-Kerry (who is rumored to have served in Vietnam) has decided that he's not up to the challenge of running for president again. From MSNBC:
John Kerry, the losing 2004 presidential candidate, on Wednesday said he would not seek the Democratic nomination in 2008 but would instead remain in the Senate to fight George W. Bush's "misguided" war in Iraq. (That would be the war that Heinz-Kerry voted for, n'est-ce pas? - Ed.)

In an emotional speech on the Senate floor, Mr Kerry, 64, who lost the White House by a narrow margin, admitted he had made a mistake in voting for the 2002 congressional resolution authorising the invasion of Iraq.
Nothing like a little editorializing in a "news story", right? It's funny how the left is with their fuzzy math. When Gore (Democrat) won the popular vote in 2000 by 500,000 votes, that was reported by the MSM in the context of a "whopping" popular vote margin. Yet when Bush (Republican) bested Kerry in 2004 by about 3.5 million popular votes (and became the first president to garner a majority since his father did it in 1988), the MSM decided to "come around" to the electoral vote thingy. Thus, their "lost the White House by a narrow margin" editorializing. But why quibble over semantics (and bias), right? Continuing:
During the 2004 campaign, Mr Bush's campaign team painted the senator from Massachusetts as a "flip flopper", most notoriously when he said: "I actually did vote for the $87bn [funding for the Iraq war] before I voted against it."

On Wednesday Mr Kerry struck a clearer note when he said he wanted to spend the remaining two years of Mr Bush's presidency making up for the fact that he had voted the wrong way in 2002. He would use his Senate perch to press for a change of direction in Iraq and after that would seek re-election to the Senate.
Aside from calling the soldiers "stupid", few things are as disheartening to soldiers as hearing their leaders badmouth and undermine their mission. However, Kerry's got a track record of that, doesn't he?

Besides, don't sweat that re-election in Mass., Jean-Francois. If your state's citizens continue re-electing a pickled murderer to the Senate, as well as an escort service "entrepreneur" to the House, as well as having continued to re-elect a Foley-like underage page poker in Studds back in the 1980's...well, you get the idea. As a Mass. liberal, you're safer than a French soldier's enemy on the battlefield!

Now we get to the heart of why Kerry won't run again:
Mr Kerry's decision leaves a field of nine Democrats running or likely to announce their names soon, including Senators Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois.
"Kerry's departure from the race is really a signal of how strong the field is already," said Vic Fazio, a former Democratic congressman. "But that does not mean we won't see other candidates, such as Al Gore [former vice-president], entering the race at a later stage."

Mr Gore, whose film on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, was nominated for two Oscar categories on Monday in Los Angeles, has not completely ruled out entering the 2008 race.

Some Democratic consultants have speculated that the losing 2000 presidential candidate might declare his intention to run in 2008 after having won an Oscar in March. But the chances, they say, are still slim (unlike Gore himself - Ed.).
Boy, what I wouldn't give for a moonbat like Gore to win the nomination! Everything he did in that 2000 election, from bribing Wisconsin homeless with cigarettes to getting ambulance chasers to disenfranchise overseas military votes in Florida (all while piously demanding to "count every vote") would be fair game to show how ruthless that sonofab#tch can be.

Anywho, au revior, Monsieur Kerry. I doubt seriously you'll be missed much during the campaign.

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