Thursday, January 18, 2007

Profile in leftist hypocrisy: Marin County, CA

I have mentioned on several occasions that modern liberalism sucks so badly, even liberals themselves won't subject themselves to the lifestyle to which they would readily condemn the rest of us. "Good enough for thee, but not for me" is their mantra. I have provided scores of examples on this blog over the last couple of years.

Today's profile in leftist hypocrisy is brought to you by Marin County, CA:
A growing legion of concerned neighbors in unincorporated Strawberry voiced fear Tuesday of increased traffic and decreased home values if a Habitat for Humanity housing development comes to the Eagle Rock neighborhood.

"It's a very, very poor place to jam four more homes like a housing project," said Eagle Rock Road resident Debra Dealey. "And it diminishes the value of our homes." (Ah, now the REAL reason emerges! - Ed.)

Dealey was among about 80 people squeezed into the tiny loft at the Strawberry Recreation Center in Mill Valley for an informational community meeting on the project moderated by the Strawberry Design Review Board.

Echoing comments of several neighbors, Dealey described the entire project "out of character with our neighborhood."
And you thought conservatives were the ones who were anti-poor? Pfffft! Hardly.

You see, Left Coasters talk a great game about "compassion" and "affordable housing" and all that. Yet when push comes to shove, they don't want "those people" coming in and "infesting" their pristine neighborhoods.

By the way, read some of the comments at the end of the story. Overwhelmingly, Marin is being raked over the coals (and rightly so) by the readers for being so elitist and condescending.

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