Friday, February 02, 2007

"A Little Vindication"

From Release the Hounds:
Well, not necessarily “vindication” per se, but it is nice to occasionally learn that there are like minded folks out there.

The following letter to the editor appeared in my local rag:
The United States and Iraqi forces killed 470 members of enemy forces, and the euthanizing of the race horse Barbaro makes the front page. No wonder America thinks were losing the war.
I just posted about the obvious anti-war agenda in the MSM when it reports the details of every American casualty in Iraq, but almost never reports the casualties we are inflicting on the enemy. If casualty figures are newsworthy, they should be so as to both sides in the conflict.
Why publish the casualties inflicted on the enemy? That might boost morale, and the MSM is as receptive to that as Rose O'Donnell to a Diet Coke. Besides, why trumpet enemy losses when there are so many more important events to discuss, like a dead freakin' horse! liberal media bias!