Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Finally, the MSM can stop pretending they're objective!

At least they're being more open about it now! From USA Today:
The "social journalism" that made Oprah Winfrey an international fairy godmother is the new rage in network and cable news, and it's expanding to other media.
Increasingly, journalists and talk-show hosts want to "own" a niche issue or problem, find ways to solve it and be associated with making this world a better place, as Winfrey has done with obesity, literacy and, most recently, education by founding a girls school in South Africa.

Experts say the competitive landscape, the need to be different and to keep eyeballs returning, is driving this trend, along with a genuine desire from some anchors and reporters to do good.

In the process, some are becoming famous. And they're allowing news organizations to break away from the pack, as old and new media fight for viewers and readers, says Tom Rosenstiel of the Project for Excellence in Journalism.

"News outlets have found they can create more momentum and more identity by creating franchise brands around issues or around a point of view," he says.

"Around a point of view", huh? And I suppose this new one-way "point of view" won't just so happen to tilt to the left, will it? Of course not.

There are exposés...
Chris Hansen's 10 hidden-camera reports about online child predators on NBC's Dateline have attracted big audiences and led to the arrest of more than 200 suspects ...

...but then there's just perversion of the news (BEVERAGE WARNING! PUT IT DOWN!)...
But Brian Ross, who runs the investigative unit at ABC News, worries about the growth of this "agenda" reporting.

Though not singling out Dobbs or O'Reilly, Ross says the practice "clouds your vision and makes it sometimes difficult to see all sides. You want to be able to report and turn on a dime if the facts aren't exactly fitting your agenda."

Yeah, like the MSM is gonna let facts get in the way of its agenda! If you believe that, you also believe that Bill Clinton is a choir boy.

As Allahpundit observes:
We’ve always said we wanted them to admit their biases, and now they’re doing it; it’s just that they’re claiming to be biased towards “good” instead of left or right. And hey: every reporter off busying himself with exposing the evils of trans fats is one less available to expose the SWIFT program. Small favors, etc.

So, once and for all..."Nope...no liberal media bias!"