Thursday, March 08, 2007

Former squid is a terrorist who got off on 9/11 and the Cole bombing

Thanks to Kira for passing this my way. From the Washington comPost:
A former sailor was arrested yesterday in Phoenix on federal charges of providing material support for a conspiracy to kill U.S. nationals amid allegations that he sent classified information about a U.S. Navy battle group's movements in the Middle East to a terrorist Web site in early 2001.

Paul R. Hall, 31, allegedly used his position aboard the USS Benfold and his secret clearance to forward details of the battle group's defensive capabilities and how the ships were going to cross the Strait of Hormuz in April 2001. Federal officials wrote in a criminal complaint that Hall -- who is referred to as Hassan Abujihaad throughout the document -- was contacting the Web site to order jihad videos and supported the terrorist mission of attacking American targets such as the USS Cole.

The case is unusual because Hall is alleged to have had many e-mail contacts with Britons who ran the Web site while he was at sea, and appears to have passed along information that could have aided in an attack on his own battle group. Hall allegedly sent money to order videos and corresponded with the now-defunct Web site -- from a private e-mail account and his official military account.

"Abujihaad described a recent force protection briefing given aboard his ship, voiced enmity toward America, praised Usama bin Laden and the mujahideen, praised the October 2000 attack on the U.S.S. Cole -- which Abujihaad described as a 'martyrdom operation' -- and advised the members of Azzam Publications that such tactics were working and taking their toll," according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Kevin J. O'Connor's office in the District of Connecticut. The response from the Web site allegedly encouraged Hall's efforts.
The agents wrote in charging documents that Hall lived in Phoenix with Derrick Shareef, who later allegedly tried to obtain weapons to commit a terrorist act in a shopping mall in the United States. Shareef introduced another man, whom officials did not identify, to Hall, and Hall allegedly tried to buy two assault rifles from the man for $1,300. ...

Please read the whole article. It's not long, but it is sure is informative. For my leftie readers out there, please keep your head in the sand and keep keep repeating: "There is no terrorist threat, there is no terrorist threat..."

And no...this guy's hatred of America is NOT George Bush's fault!