Friday, April 06, 2007

ABC News and "slanderous"

From NRO:
Here's how ABC News titles the story on their homepage regarding the recess appointment of Sam Fox as ambassador to Belgium (emphasis mine):
Major Donor to 'Swift Boat' Smear Ads Is Made an Ambassador

Then in the body of the article...
Kerry and Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., led Senate Democrats' opposition to Fox, who in 2004 contributed $50,000 to the slanderous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which used a series of television ads to undermine Kerry's combat record.

And in the spirit of Passover...
Despite his grilling by Democrats, Fox, the national chairman of the Jewish Republican Coalition, refused to apologize for his donation.

As Patterico points out:
Meanwhile, I have yet to see anyone meet Beldar’s challenge to name a single specific and material statement of fact by the Swift Boaters that has been fully debunked, or shown to be fully unsubstantiated.

Wouldn’t stating material falsehoods be a critical component of a “slanderous” campaign of “smear ads”?

In fact, as I have previously observed, the media often has a worse track record of inaccuracies on this issue than do the Swifties.

By the way, if you are disqualified from government service because you once gave money to an organization that has engaged in slander and smears, that lets out anyone who ever subscribed to the Los Angeles Times.

Patterico also points out that the original headline, containing the word "Smear" has since been removed (presumably after a public outcry), though the "slanderous" still remains in the "news" story. liberal media bias!

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