Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eisner's Congressional ally in "feeling, not thinking"

From Hot Air:
I wish I could show you the bill (H.R. 1859) but the text isn’t online at Thomas yet. It’s probably identical or nearly identical to this bill, which she (Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY) introduced in February, to reinstate the assault-weapons ban. Tucker Carlson scrounged up a copy and put a simple question to her: since she’s so worried about weapons with barrel shrouds, could she at least explain to the viewers what a “barrel shroud” is?

This is why Eisner’s so hot for the “emotional, story-driven” approach.

The video is provided in the link. The short answer to the question that McCarthy (ironic name, no?) was asked is "No, I haven't a freaking clue."

Exit (yet rhetorical and sarcastic) question: Who would have thought that a legislator would propose a bill, intended for us idiot peons, that the legislator himself/herself didn't even understand?

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