Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cheating dental school students...Bush's fault!

Remember just a couple of posts ago when I said "I have officially seen it all"? I was premature in that assessment. From Indiana:
Nearly half the students in the Indiana University School of Dentistry's second-year class have been disciplined for their roles in a cheating scandal in which students broke into password-protected files to view exam material before tests.
"I see this as being a widespread problem, not just in dentistry," said Dr. Anne Koerber, an associate professor of dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago who has written about the ethics of dental education.

"When you have persons in high places who clearly lie about what's happening with weapons of mass destruction, or CEOs who lie about where the money is going, I think the general public gets the idea that anything that makes money is what's right."

You read it correctly, folks. According to this pointy-headed pseudo-intellectual "professor", the reason that these kids cheated on a dental school exam was because "Bush lied". Oh, and also because CEO's make (and embezzle) a lot of money.

If we're going to inject politics into the equation, could we not say this? "When you have persons in high places lying under oath (committing perjury) and obstructing justice, and teaching our youth that oral sex is not sex, I think the general public gets the idea that anything that makes you happy, regardless of the legality, is what's right."

How about seeing this for what it is (a cheating scandal) and not for what it isn't (politics)?

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