Friday, May 11, 2007

Mike Wallace asks Romney when he and Mrs. Romney first bumped uglies

'Cuz that kind of thing is the single biggest issue of electability! From Hot Air:
Charming. It’s suggested, although not definitively stated, that Ann Romney was sitting right there, too, when he asked it.
Romney’s wife, Ann, who converted to the Mormon Church before they were married, is also interviewed. When asked whether they broke the strict church rule against premarital sex, Romney says, “No, I’m sorry, we do not get into those things,” but still managed to blurt out “The answer is no,” before ending that line of questioning.

Mitt’s “the Mormon candidate,” you see, so the media’s entitled to ask him embarrassing, prurient questions about his sex life — strictly in the public interest, of course, as a gauge of hypocrisy. Stay tuned for Mike’s hard-hitting interview later this year with Hillary Clinton, a.k.a. “the woman candidate,” in which he introduces the issue of women’s health by asking her at what age she first menstruated.

Way to ask the tough questions, Mike! Nicely done on getting to the bottom of the question that's tops on every American's mind today. What would CBS do without you (use another forged document, I suppose)? liberal media bias.

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