Monday, June 25, 2007

PBS pays for, then spikes, program on "moderate" Muslims vs. terrorism

From Moonbattery:
PBS blew $675,000 of our money on a documentary exploring the difference between peaceful Muslims and the ones who are trying to annihilate our civilization. But when they saw the finished product, PBS execs decided it was "alarmist, overreaching and unfair" — i.e., not sufficiently sympathetic to the terrorist maniacs who are trying to kill us. So they sat on the project, refusing to air it. Instead they ran "fair" material like Bill Moyers' long-winded denunciations of America.

But now Fox News has gotten hold of Muslims Against Jihad, and is going to put it on tonight, hosted by the lovely E.D. Hill. Tune in at 9 PM Eastern.

It came on last night (Sunday, June 24) at 9:00 p.m. EST. Yeah, that Fox News sure is biased, on account of running a PBS story, right?

"PBS execs decided it was 'alarmist, overreaching and unfair'", or in other words, dead-on accurate! Yet another reason (among many) to defund PBS.

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