Tuesday, June 05, 2007


That's the Drudge headline. Details:
Editors of the NEW YORK TIMES are set to publish a highly-critical review of a book written by famed NEW YORK TIMES reporters, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

In 'HER WAY', Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr. have written what will become mandatory reading for Clinton's opponents.

"The book is almost uniformly negative and overly focused on what they consider the Clintons' scandalous past and the darker aspects of Hillary Clinton's personality... The evidence of such a pact -- interviews that have already been challenged in the press -- is less than convincing," writes Robert Dallek in a review set for the paper.

"Carl Bernstein, the veteran journalist of Woodward-and-Bernstein Watergate fame, presents a more balanced and convincing picture of Clinton in his competing biography."

Dallek slams: "Gerth and Van Natta seem to detect no angels in Clinton's nature whatsoever, much less better ones, and the result is a one-sided figure who never quite springs to life or feels truly authentic."

[Gerth worked at the NYT for over 25 years.]

Pardon me while I laugh my posterior off over the NYT's feigned outrage at a lack of "balance". Seriously, that's darned funny.

The MSM, specifically the Old Gray Hag fishwrap, is going to abandon all pretense of objectivity (though apparently they'll trash anyone else if they perceive them doing the same) and do its level best to get the Hildebeast elected. If they have to trash some of their own for seeing this woman as being the evil power-hungry heavy-handed ruthless bitch that she is, then they will do so without hesitation. But no...no liberal media bias!

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