Monday, June 04, 2007

Leftards: JFK Airport terrorist plot is made-up

But...but...the left understands the nature of our enemy!

By now, you know about the foiled terrorist plot to blow up JFK Airport in NYC. Full details here. Obviously, it's just Dubya trying to keep us scared, right? 'Cuz, you know, like, Muslim terorists don't exist and would never attack us...and stuff. From LGF:
The Kos Kidz have finally noticed the Kennedy Airport terror plot: Daily Kos: State of the Nation: NEWSFLASH: U.S. Government Full of Sh*t.
I don’t believe the latest terrorist plot bullsh*t. If this ever goes to trial, and if they show actual evidence that these guys they arrested weren’t just talking trash, I’ll admit I was wrong and apologize for what I’m about to say:

People at Freerepublic and LGF are gullible f*cking morons, bloodthirsty sh*tbags, and weak-willed losers who NEED big brother to tell them what to think, how to act, and who to hate . Of course, most at DK realize that, so I don’t know if this diary is even necessary. Nevertheless, why is it so hard to have a little bit of skepticism when faced with constant lies produced out of D.C.

Here is a list I cribbed from

Lackawanna Six
Virginia Paintball guys
The tortured Abu Ali
Jose Padilla
Lodi, California
Miami plot against the Sears Tower
New York subway tunnels
“Liquid explosives” plot on UK to US flights
Ft. Dix Six

Thanks to the blog by Scott Horton for the list. I knew there’d been plenty of stupid sh*t busts like this over the last few years, but dumb to you have to be to believe the U.S. government at this point? The U.S. government has ZERO credibility. FDA—failing to protect U.S. consumers, FEMA—catastrophic failure in New Orleans, Iraq War—lies upon lies to get Americans to launch an illegal war of agression, 9-11—failure to prevent what anyone with a lick of sense could see coming for years (ask me why I wasn’t surprised that day—shocked by the massive slaughter, but not the attack), Economy—govt economic figures distorted and made essentially useless, i.e. inflation figures, unemployment data, etc., etc., etc....

Unless something is done to change that lack of credibility via impeachment, or at least a democratic administration/congress that tells the truth occasionally post 2008, it will remain an unbelievable and nauseating purveyor off horsesh*t and unrestrained violence.

Yep, all terror busts are just big coinkidinks. Nothing to see here, move along...

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