Wednesday, June 06, 2007

News bytes

  • Stem cell treatment "to cure blindness in five years"? If only Silky Pony and Sen. Ketchup had been elected in '04, the blind would already be seeing today!

  • Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw laments how CNN has tanked, but says that Fox News provides "commentary, personal analysis". Says Shaw: "When anchors are reporting the news, they should report the news and allow the viewers at home to decide what they think about issues. I don't want to hear an anchor's personal opinion about anything. Just report the news." I believe he is confusing FNC with his former employer, who has long used the liberal opining "anchors", since WAY before FNC came onto the air.

  • William "Deep Freeze" Jefferson (D-LA) could be oustered from the House before his bribery trial begins. The Dems were gonna hold off until after his trial, since "innocent until proven guilty" would be a sensible approach. However, when the GOP threw the Duke Cunningham thing back in their faces (when the Dems wanted Cunningham out before the trial) and called them on their hypocrisy, they did what Dems do best: they surrendered. EXIT QUESTION: How long until Sharpton-Jackson begin the racebaiting?

  • Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) is bypassing amnesty and going straight to giving criminal aliens American citizenship. He referred to the massive number of criminal aliens as “12 million undocumented Americans” yesterday. As Bryan notes, "He already thinks of anyone who gets here by hook or by crook as an American, a citizen."

  • Ace notes from the GOP prez debate:
    CNN supposedly picked "likely Republican voters" -- both actual Republicans and right-leaning indepedents -- to ask the candidates questions.

    Let's see how scorchingly liberal the questions are.

    Off to a good start -- a woman who lost her husband brother to the war wants to know how to get us out of Iraq.

    I'm so surprised CNN found this questioner!

    Why, you'd think liberals had some sort of premeditated strategy to put forward victims to push their policies or something!

    More! Environmentalism, prescription drug subsidies, and now, from the affiliate's handpicked (liberal) blogger, a question as to whether or not to install a Canadian style single-payer national health care system!

    Wow! These "likely Republican voters" sure are reflecting my concerns and interests!

    Good thing we get the "unbiased" tactics from CNN, as opposed to how Fox News would have moderated it, right?

  • On sale now! Get 50% off of the price to pose in a photo with Jorgé W. Bush! Apparently, posing with the prez these days is also a job that "Americans won't do"!