Saturday, June 30, 2007

Recall Mel Martinez?

Michelle Malkin brought this to my attention:
So, Sen. Mel Martinez is mad about the failure of shamnesty. He is challenging opponents to act:
The chairman of the Republican Party on Friday lambasted Democrats and Republicans who helped kill an immigration bill in the Senate and challenged them to come up with a solution beyond “just build a fence along the border.”

“The voices of negativity now have a responsibility to come up with an answer, ” RNC Chairman and U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez said.

“How will you fix the situation to make peoples’ lives better? How will you continue to grow the economy? How will we bring people out of the shadows for our national security and for the sake of being a country that is just?” he demanded.

Attention, Floridians who want to act by replacing pro-shamnesty politicians with pro-enforcement lawmakers who keep their word: There’s a petition recall Mel Martinez here. The sponsors explain:
The site was launched June 18th 2007 by central Florida IT Tech Mr. Dewey Wallace to protest what he views as a reversal of Senator Martinez’s campaign promises of no Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants. The website has a secure SSL page designed to gather signatures in an attempt to make a legal recall via special election of the Senator.

Even though the stated goal of to gather enough registered Florida voters to recall the Senator, Mr. Wallace readily admits that it is going to be an uphill battle as over 514,000 signatures are required, and no national recall has ever succeeded. However seeing this as an opportunity to set a new legal precedent, Mr. Wallace states is moving forward with an optimistic eye on success.

I urge my Floridian guests to sign the petition to recall this wolf in sheep's clothing. Between his flip-flop on amnesty and his standing in the way of energy independence, this no-good RINO needs to go.

"Don't worry, Mel. If anyone knows how to revive a seemingly dead political career, it's me."

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