Thursday, June 28, 2007

Specter: All the rich people I know support amnesty, and they're the majority

You abso-freakin'-lutely must see the video on Hot Air of Arlen Sphincter droning on about the "silent majority". You know, those verbal 14% who supported the now-defunct shamnesty bill? Yeah, that "majority". Anywho, from Hot Air:
Video: The people at my gym told me they liked the bill, says Specter

Never mind those polls. What about the “silent majority” comprised of his gardener, the voices in his head, and the guy he works out next to on the elliptical machine at the local Bally’s in Philly?

This is why I scoff at threats that we’re going to bounce those who voted for amnesty with primary challenges. If we had any power to get rid of incumbents, don’t you think we would have sent this tool packing decades ago?

Sphincter may be somewhat immune from being deposed (though Toomey gave him a good run in the GOP primary a couple of years ago), and alas, likely so is Lott, but I firmly believe that others like Grahamnesty, Martinez, and Gregg are ripe for a challenge. Sam Brownback (now being referred to as "Switchback") "Kerry-ed" his vote, voting "Yes" for cloture then reversing course and changing it to "No" afterwards.

By the way, if you wanna see Ted Kennedrunk blow a gasket on the Senate floor, here's a link (scroll down to the video to play it).

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