Friday, June 08, 2007

Left outraged that Fred Thompson finds his wife attractive

Hilarious and damning observations from Ace:
Deviating from the Bill/Hillary! model they favor.

Dr. Helen wants to know:
When I look at my husband with affection, am I leering?
I guess not since I'm a woman and can do no wrong except for being a right-leaning libertarian. However, if you're a man, particularly a Republican man, who looks at his wife with affection, you are now accused of "leering"--especially if you are Fred Thompson.
This is yet another example of a woman who deep down believes that men have no right to leer at women, lest it be considered a sex offense. And she is not alone, there are many other women who feel that unless one is Bill Clinton or the object of their own lecherous desires (of course, for these women, their own desire is called empowerment--not lechery!), a regular joe has no right to look at a woman--not even in pictures--with desire in his heart. In their eagar quest to control men's sexual rights, some "feminist" women (and other prudish ones too!) go to extremes to shame, expose or intimidate men who let their lust for women dare come to the surface.

Weird. Feminists continue insisting that it's empowering to f### everything that moves, except your actual husband, who must be sexually punished as a state-sanctioned enforcer of The Oppressive Patriarchy.
Honestly, The Feminists Who Put Out (TM) are really ruining their "pro-sex street cred" by constantly nattering on about everyone's base sexual impulses.

Why don't you all just chill out, pop open a bottle of wine, and dig on the cool grooves of kd lang and leave the rest of us alone?

Ace should have given me the beverage warning before dropping a "STFU and jam to kd lang" reference. That was hilarious!

Am I to understand it's wrong for Fred Thompson to leer at his wife, and yet the lefty feminists have no problem with Bill Clinton leering at 22-year-old Monica Lewinksy's thong, nor turning her into a Human Humidor?


I guess Fred Thompson had better start diddling an intern, quick. It's the only way to insulate himself from charges of lechery.

I've always considered feminists to be a bunch of humorless, hypocritical, disingenuous, unintelligent and hyper-emotional nags. Stories like this only confirm that notion.

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