Friday, June 08, 2007

Moonbats want Blue Angels out of...

...where else...San Franistan. From the Examiner:
The annual aerial show by the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels — a San Francisco tradition dating back to 1981 that pumps millions into the local economy — is running into opposition from three local peace advocacy groups that are calling for a permanent halt to the popular Fleet Week flyover.

CodePink, Global Exchange and Veterans for Peace, Chapter 69, are working with Supervisor Chris Daly on a Board of Supervisors resolution to address concerns over the Blue Angels.

The Code Pinkos have a willing ear on San Franistan's Board of Supervisors? Color me with the "unsurprised" crayon. This part's pretty funny, though:
CodePink has launched an online petition, signed by more than 500 people to date, calling on leaders to end the flyovers for reasons of public safety, air pollution and fuel waste.

The Code Pinkos have a whopping 500 siggies in a city the size (and political makeup) of San Franistan! I smell a mandate (insert "Barney Frank weekend plans" joke here).

Oh, well, this is just an aberration, right? It's not like San Franistan has a history of irrational and reflexive hatred for the armed forces that protects their moonbattery-laced enclave on the Left Coast. Oh, wait a minute. Yeah, they do have such a history. My bad.

In case you have yet to do so, feel free to go ahead and question their patriotism. While you're at it, go ahead and question their gray matter, too.

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