Friday, July 06, 2007

MSM fuzzy math

Oh, those crazy Euros:
The stereotype of men as being strong and silent, and women as talkative and gossipy, has been overturned by a detailed study of how many words they utter every day.

As well as showing that when it comes to yakking, men chat just as much as women, it also reveals that women’s conversations are more about people, relationships and networking, whereas men’s tend to be more about showing off, tools or cars.
To catch all of their chit-chat, they developed an electronically-activated recorder that digitally, and unobtrusively, logged their conversations.

The results: women in the study spoke a daily average of 16,215 words during their waking hours, versus an average of 15,669 words for men.

Now while I did go to Florida State (so cut me some slack), I'm pretty sure the remedial math course I took four times did manage to properly convey that 16,215 > 15,669. In other words, the study puportedly debunks the claim that women talk more than men by showing that...uh...women talk more than men.

I wonder if math is considered "right-wing" the same way jogging is? If so, that would explain the Euros' screw-up in this article.

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