Monday, July 09, 2007

Quote of the day

In a fashion reminiscent of Jenjiss Khan...sorry, Kerry flashback!...of Al Gore the Arrogant, this quote sounds exactly like something that pompous gasbag would say. From the NY Daily News:
With Al Gore in the news for battling global warming and Al Gore 3rd in the news for getting toasted, my favorite NYPD detective recalled a story that helps explain how father and son each became a particular kind of loser.

The story was told to the detective by a Secret Service agent some years back as they worked security for a dignitary visiting New York. Such details largely consist of just standing there for as long as 12 hours and the talk turned to a day when the Secret Service agent was assigned to then-Vice President Gore.

The detective recalls the agent saying that he was outside a room where Gore was loudly berating Al 3rd for something to do with school. The agent then overheard the senior Gore say to his son something truly stunning.

"What, do you want to end up like those guys standing outside the door?"

The guys being the agent and his partners, highly trained and intensely dedicated individuals who remain ever-ready to take a bullet for whomever they are assigned to protect.

You would think that such selfless and motivated people would be perfect role models for a teenager having a little trouble staying on track.

You have to wonder if the son might have turned out differently if the father had asked the agent to take his boy under his wing.

"Now [the senior Gore] is probably wishing his son did end up like those guys outside his door," the detective said yesterday. (Ouch! - Ed.)
King asked about the son's arrest and Gore would only say this was "a private family matter." But, if there now seems just an outside chance the father might end up becoming President after all, one thing that can now be said for certain about Al 3rd is that he will never end up like those guys outside the door.

The Secret Service does not hire people with criminal records.

"He should be so lucky," my favorite detective said.

What an @ssh0le! That he is not the Commander-in-Chief (despite his best attempts at grand larceny) is proof that karma has a wicked sense of humor and a mean set of molars.

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