Monday, July 09, 2007

Rudy gets booed in Jax for endorsing current income tax system

This alone could cost him my vote. From My Way News:
Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani ran into a buzz saw of opposition Saturday when he explained his opposition to a flat federal income tax.

Giuliani addressed a group of about 500 people in a standing-room only crowd at a town hall meeting at the University of North Florida, answering questions for about 30 minutes on a variety of topics from Iraq and Iran to Social Security and his plan for tax cuts.

Several dozen people jeered when Giuliani, in response to a question, said he would not be in favor of a flat tax.

"I have to study it some more," the former New York City mayor said. "I don't think a flat tax is realistic change for America. Our economy is dependent upon the way our tax system operates."

Giuliani emphasized he supported a simplified tax system and cuts in federal taxes, including elimination of the so-called death tax, but his response to the flat tax question brought some cat calls and jeers. "I have a real question whether it would be the right transition for our economy," he said.

Actually, Rudy, anything that does away with that leviathan of a tax code we have right now would be fantastic. Anywho, in a little display of irony:
... Businessman Steve Forbes, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican presidential nomination twice, based his campaign on a flat tax. Forbes has endorsed Giuliani.

"I'm endorsing the guy who thinks my idea sucks!" Whatever, Steve.

I wonder if anyone has even bothered to ask Rudy about the Fair Tax?

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